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Lake Superior College

CIS Capstone Project - OpenVPN Connection Limiting

As part of the CIS program at LSC, students are required to partake in a capstone class. This class is provided to give students real world project creation, management and implementation skills. This allows students to implement a project into a business to further their operations. In the PDF documents you will find information regarding my choice of a CIS capstone project.

The project management software that was used is Sansio's in house SIETE software.

A summary and final report of the project can be found below

2014 Capstone Project - Information.pdf
2014 Capstone Project - Final Report.pdf

CIS Emerging Technologies - LAN Streaming

As part of the CIS program at LSC, students are required to take an Emerging Technologies class where each student finds a "new technology" and researches it. Students are challenged to take this very seriously, so a part of the process is to write up an RFP. Students are then required to fill out weekly progress reports over the course of the semester. At the end of the semester, students are then asked to provide an informative demonstration of their Emerging Technologies project. Below you will find the RFP I wrote for my project, along with a summary report and my final presentation.

2014 Emerging Technologies - SSI-RFP.pdf
2014 Emerging Technologies - Summary Report.pdf